#FLASHBACK|Of Rays and Rainbows

*This blog was originally published on May 8, 2013 in celebration of International Day Against Homophobia This evening, I made a little confession to a friend. Although it did not concern me at all, I told him about our friend’s, well, real sexual preference. Good thing about my friend is he’s so open minded, and… Continue reading #FLASHBACK|Of Rays and Rainbows

#PODCAST|Listen to My Poetry Podcast

Hi! I have created my own podcast, giving space to poetry. In this podcast, I will be serving some well-known and original poetry pieces spoken in bilingual. Click the podcast link here. This podcast is also available in Spotify. Link here. I hope you follow my podcast for your weekly dose of poetry. Thanks!

My Creative Writing Course at ZilLearn

Hi there! I'm putting up my online course in Creative Writing via http://www.zillearn.com. This course includes introduction to creative writing as well as the conventions and techniques in writing poetry, fiction, and drama. If you are interested to take the course, here's the link. I have published the first lesson already. Click here. See you!