#WorldPoetryDay My All-Time Favorite Poems

March 21 is World Poetry Day and so I'm gonna share with you my top three favorite poems. I have a lot of favorite poems, but these have somehow influenced me in some ways, and whenever I feel down, the lines and metaphors engraved in these poems uplift me. God Explains Space to His AngelsSid… Continue reading #WorldPoetryDay My All-Time Favorite Poems

#ThrowbackPost: Why I Did Not Want to Become a Teacher

FOR NANAY. (this post was originally published on September 05, 2012.) I'm not gonna start my entry with a quote about teaching. It might be too obvious that, since it's Teachers Month, I'm joining the bandwagon like those who lift themselves up on the pedestal, declaring that they are the best teachers their students could… Continue reading #ThrowbackPost: Why I Did Not Want to Become a Teacher